Guitar Pre-Conference Details

The final schedule for the 2017 Pre-Conference on Guitar has been released.  The workshop is built to progress throughout the day and be accessible to educators of all levels.  
Session 1:  Guitar in Elementary School – an Instrument for ALL Ages — Katy Strand
Guitar has been the most popular instrument in our culture for more than 50 years! Pull out a guitar and students of all ages warm to learning music. For the past five years, the Templeton Guitar Project in Bloomington Indiana has been field-testing activities to bring guitar to first- and second-grade children. Through this project, we have learned that early elementary children love learning in and about music with guitars in their hands. In this workshop we will explore the field-tested games, songs, chants, and activities that can help your elementary school children develop foundational guitar technique along with notation reading, performance capabilities, and musical creativity.

Session 2: Teaching Guitar Through Popular Music Education Bryan Powell

Popular Music can be a powerful tool for generating interest in music, and while there is a growing body of research on its use in the classroom, much of it is focused direct experience of singular standout programs rather than methodology behind non-formal learning and student-centered music.  This workshop-demonstration is centered on the belief that all people are musical, demonstrated quickly and in an enjoyable manner for all ages by leveraging the musical choices of the individual.  This is achieved through performance of modern band music – culturally relevant music of students taught through approximation, music acquisition theory, and social equity.   

The basic approach for this hands-on workshop comes from Little Kids Rock, a music non-profit focused on non-formal learning and music acquisition theory, which focuses on music learning as a language through ideas and theories by Krashen, Suzuki, Orff, Lucy Green, and Dr. Seuss.  Lessons are structured around improvisation, approximation, and composition.  Sample lesson plans will be discussed and how to make the most out of basic musical elements and skills.

Session 3: Secondary Classroom Guitar Technique and Methods – Daniel Duarte and Petar Jankovic

Every semester Indiana University’s elective guitar program attracts hundreds of begging guitar students that through a hands on approach learn a solid technical foundation, basic music theory and history. This session will provide an overview of the methodology used in the beginning and intermediate levels of the program.

Session 4: Guitar Ensemble – Daniel Duarte

The student’s natural curiosity about the guitar has exponentially increased the demand for guitar ensembles in high schools. This session will focus on the methodology of implementing Guitar Ensembles into High Schools musical programs. The presentation will target not only schools that already have a guitar program, but also institutions that do not have guitar as integral part of their music education. During this session the Indiana University Guitar Ensemble will demonstrate and perform original materials to be used in high school programs, which covers beginning, intermediate and advanced guitar.
The session will also discuss the benefits and potential challenges associated with forming guitar ensembles, its repertoire, technicalities and logistics.