Why should I attend IMEA’s Professional Development Conference?

The conference is an opportunity for teachers of all backgrounds, experience levels, and disciplines to further their craft. As teachers, we accept and embrace the reality of being life-long learners. The sessions and performances offer the chance to broaden teaching horizons, bring new and innovative aspects to the classroom, and network with your peers in education.

Who is able to attend?

For full information regarding registration prices for attendees please refer to the registration page.

Are there events to attend besides just lecture sessions?

Absolutely! Besides the lecture sessions, the IMEA Professional Development Conference offers a range of performances in all disciplines.

For more information concerning the available performances please direct your attention to the performances tab.

When and where is the Professional Development Conference?

The conference is from January 14th to January 16th, 2021 and is being held virtually this year.

A full schedule is available on the schedule page.

How do I register?

The easiest way to register is through the registration portal. Please pay close attention to which registration link you select and find the one most relevant to you (member, non-member, building administrator, etc.).

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